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Installing Latex and Texmaker in Ubuntu 20.04

A How to install latex in Ubuntu 20 and how to install texmaker guides for newcomers

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Introducing LaTeX

LaTeX is a text composition system, oriented to the creation of written documents with high typographic quality. Due to its characteristics and possibilities, it is used especially intensively in the generation of scientific articles and books that include, among other elements, mathematical expressions.

LaTeX consists of a large set of TeX macros, written by Leslie Lamport in 1984, with the intention of facilitating the use of the typesetting language, TEX, created by Donald Knuth. It is widely used for the composition of academic articles, theses and technical books, since the typographic quality of documents produced in LaTeX is considered adequate for the needs of a first-line scientific publisher, many of which already use it.

LaTeX is free software under LPPL license.

Installing latex packages

Warning: sudo required

To execute following lines, sudo access is required.

To install latex packages on apt based systems, run

apt install texlive-luatex \
	texlive-latex-base \
	texlive-fonts-recommended \
	texlive-latex-recommended \
	texlive-fonts-extra \

Installing additional languages

In my specific case, I also want to install both Spanish and English languages. In the same way as before, we can install them with apt

apt install \
	texlive-lang-spanish \
	texlive-lang-english \

What is Texmaker

Texmaker is a free editor distributed under the GPL license for writing cross-platform text documents that integrates many tools needed to write LaTeX documents into a single application. Texmaker includes Unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion, code folding and a built-in pdf viewer with synctex support and continuous viewing mode.

Overview of Texmaker application
Overview of Texmaker application

Installing Texmaker

To install Texmaker application, you will need to download a installer file from

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